bentavvikande, ojust, korrumperad
adjective - different from the normal or usual; chiefly British: dishonest, corrupt
noun - a person's boyfriend, I've been dating my BF since January
adjective -  a positive term meaning excellent, great, or superb
verb - informal: make or repair (something) badly or clumsily, the door was bodged together from old planks
brass monkeyssvinkallt
adjective - refer to extremely cold weather, ‘You need to wear a coat today, it’s brass monkeys outside.’
cheerstack, tackar
interjection - thanks , thank you. Cheers for getting me that drink, Steve
chinwagha ett snack
verb - have a chat: he sent her to chinwag with the chiefs
chunderspy, må illa
noun - ‘to vomit’ or ‘to be sick’, ‘chunder’ is almost always used in correlation with drunken nights, or being hugely ill and sick. ‘I ate a bad pizza last night after too many drinks and chundered in the street.’
dodgyskumt, fel, dåligt
adjective - dodgy refers to something wrong, illegal, or just plain off’, in one way or another.
fortnighttvå veckor, fjorton dagar
gobsmackedhäpen, tappar hakan
adjective -  to be shocked and surprised beyond belief
hunky-doryokej, som det ska
adjective - means that a situation is okay, cool, or normal.
noun - a skirmish or a fight or an argument caused by differing views. ‘I had a right kerfuffle with my girlfriend this morning over politics.’
knackeredhelt slut
adjective - to describe their tiredness and exhaustion, in any given situation. For example, ‘I am absolutely knackered after working all day.’
matevän, kompis
noun - British informal A friend or companion: my best mate Steve
ruggerrugby, rugbyspelare
noun - mainly British an informal name for rugby
savvyförstånd, vett
noun - informal, shrewdness and practical knowledge, the ability to make good judgements. 'the corporate finance bankers lacked the necessary political savvy'
adjective - a wonderfully effusive term for when something is truly delicious and mouth-wateringly good
shamblesröra, förödelse
noun - a place of great disorder, the room was a shambles after the party
transitive verb - most commonly used with schoolchildren trying to get out of school, or dissatisfied office workers trying to pull a sick day.
to neckkelas, hångla
verb - we started necking on the sofa
noun - means ‘rubbish’ or ‘crap’, ‘That’s a load of tosh about what happened last night’, or ‘Don’t talk tosh.’
zilchinget, inget alls
noun - nothing, not any, no, they knew absolutely zilch about rock n roll, the character has zilch class