abysmallyextremt dåligt sätt
adverb - in an extremely bad way; she treats me abysmally at times
adverselynegativt, fientligt
adverb -  acting or serving to oppose, antagonistic
apparentlytill synes, synbarligen, uppenbarligen
adverb - used to describe something that appears to be true based on what is known
askewsnett, skevt
cheek by jowlsida vid sida
adverb - side by side, close together
drollylustig, tokrolig
adverb - in a curious or unusual way that provokes dry amusement. monkeys were drolly portrayed in human roles. Will drolly expressed his scepticism
adverb - he looked at his cabin mates inquiringly
pursuant (to)i enlighet (med)
adverb - in accordance (with(something)
vehementlyvåldsamma känslor, lidelsefull
adverb - showing strong and often angry feelings, very emotional